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We are a full service provider specializing in cradle to grave solutions. From conceptualization to production and optimization, we can make your manufacturing process simple, painless, cost-effective and reliable. It all begins with an idea which is tested until it becomes a design, which is eventually put into an appliance and becomes your final product. We manufacture that product and then focus on how to best optimize the production process.

Our professional staff includes engineers, designers, model-builders, technicians, R&D researchers, and product managers – all dedicated to advancing the development and application of BSI technology into gas appliances and your products. Customers rely on BSI to be a valuable engineering resource that is knowledgeable in all aspects of the product development and manufacturing process.

With BSI you will have complete control over your components from start to finish, creating appliances that have perfect control over all the elements, giving the end user complete control over your appliance. We believe in lean manufacturing to keep your costs low, the quality high, and the speed of production on pace or ahead of the speed of doing business.