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Tubular Burners

Our original Jet Tubular burner, first developed in 1962, is now the industry standard. Tubular burners are ideal for furnace, boiler, water heating, and laundry applications where a small intense flame is needed from a compact burner package. The design allows gas fuel to mix with more air, allowing for maximum output without losing precision or focus.

Since it was first developed, a number of innovations in burner porting technology have created a diverse range of tubular burners that suit many appliance needs. We can connect you with the right tubular burner for your application featuring lance ports, punch ports, double lance ports, and extruded ports, or create custom tubular burner solutions.

You can be confident in the time-tested value of our tubular burners. As always, we offer complete design assistance and application testing to ensure our customer's performance and value expectations are met.