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The thermocouple controls for our thermostats are the ultimate in safety and performance. They modulate gas flow for even, straight-line temperature control without cycling. Our TCTS Control can be mounted on both square and round manifolds, and used in RV applications as well as free-standing ranges.

A simple push-to-turn and open gas flow design with wide temperature control and ambient temperature ranges give the end-user the maximum amount of control and ease of use. The TCTS Controls are compatible with several ignition options, including standard pilot, direct spark, and spark-to-pilot systems. It does not require power supply in standing pilot system operations.

As an added value, any of these ignition systems can be upgraded to a resignation system that optimizes end-user convenience and safety. Each TCTS Control is outfitted with a safety solenoid upstream of both the manual and thermostatic valves, and complies with ANZI Z21.78, Z21.23, and UL1075. It is factory calibrated for the utmost accuracy and is CSA certified.