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Manifolds, Supply Tubing, Turned Parts and Orifices


BSI produces cooking manifolds (rails) in Europe and North America with a solid offering of different base materials to meet customer specifications. Using either round or square tubing, aluminized or painted finishes and heavy or light-wall tubing; we have multiple design options and capabilities to drive performance and durability producing a highly customized end product. Some of our key manufacturing capabilities for cooking manifolds include: punching, welding, brazing, stamping, bending, leak-testing and value-added assembling of strategic components.

Supply Tubing

BSI produces supply tubing in Europe and North America utilizing several core manufacturing competencies. We work with multiple aluminum alloy tube diameters from a small 1/8” to large 3/4” OD tubing. Our staking process is a mechanical method of joining multiple tubes to solid bodies without welding, brazing or soldering. Our bending capabilities include CNC programmable benders, manual and automated benders. Over the years, BSI has developed a number of different end forms, beads and flares. Our vertical integration allows us to produce a number of standard and custom nuts and fittings.

Turned Parts and Orifices

With over 60 screw machines in our factories, we produce millions of turned parts, orifices, nuts and fittings each week. Using quick-change tools provides further scheduling flexibility and low set-up costs. We work with different metals including brass, aluminum and steel. We provide various orifice assemblies to the industry from conversion kits to orifice-holder assemblies used in different top burner systems. Our precision drilled orifices can be color-coded, ringed and stamped for custom identification.