Evo II Burner

Sealed Air-From-Top Series

The Evo-II and Evo-C are aluminum air-from-top burner systems that can be used with a flame-safety device (thermocouple). Developed as low-profile burners, the Evo series can be used on cooktops (hobs) or ranges (cookers). Three sizes are available ranging from 3.4K BTU/hr to 11K BTU/hr (1 kWh to 3.2 kWh). The targeted turn down ratio is 20%. Skirt options are available (with and without) and all burners are finished with a diamond-machined finish. Caps are available with porcelain enamel in matte or glossy finish. Options are available for the orifice holder assembly including male or female connections, electrode that is serviceable from the top, and the orifice jet installed.