G8 Top Burner System

Flexible, All-Purpose Top Burner System

The new G8 top burner system is the latest in mid-range top burners designed and produced by BSI. The G8 designs allow us to standardize the components beneath the cook-top surface while providing various aesthetic options for the visible burner and cap. Finish options for the burner heads include blast or diamond-machined polish. The burner heads can be further customized with or without a skirt. The burner cap can be stamped or powdered-metal depending on customer preference.

G8 burners are air-from-bottom and come in four standard sizes ranging from 5K BTU/hr to 18K BTU/hr (1.5 kWh to 5.3 kWh). The targeted turn-down ratio is approximately 10:1. The G8 orifice holder system typically includes the orifice, electrode and integrated supply tube bent to exact specifications and ready for assembly to the valve. Contact us to discuss how we can make the G8 top burner work for your application.