G4 Top Burner System

Full-range, Sealed Top Burner System

BSI’s G4 burner system is a sealed, air-from-bottom platform with a broad range of performance. Developed with our patented stability chamber, the G4 has a 10:1 targeted turn down ratio. Angled ports ensure efficient flame/vessel engagement for optimum performance. G4 comes in four standard sizes ranging from 5K BTU/hr to 18K BTU/hr (1.5 kWh to 5.3 kWh). Re-ignition burner head designs are also available. The G4 can be fitted either to cook-tops with side-inlets for low-profile applications or to free-standing ranges with bottom fed supply tubes. The bottom fed orifice holder assembly includes the orifice, electrode and integrated supply tube bent to exact specifications and ready to assemble to the gas valve.

There are three cap options available for the G4. An economic stamped cap for mid-range appliances, a powdered metal cap for mid to high-range appliances, and our premium Diffusion cap for the best-in-class simmer performance. All caps feature a beautiful, high-quality porcelain enamel with various colors available.