Halo Top Burner System

Premium Stacked Burner for Ultimate Performance

BSI’s new Halo top burner system is a premium stacked burner with two rings of flame. The air-from-bottom system is designed to work with a dual-outlet valve and delivers a wide-range of performance. The precise simmer setting passes chocolate tests while the high-power output delivers best-in-class results in time-to-rise and time-to-boil testing. The delivered turn-down ratio is approximately 20:1.

Halo is designed for customization and includes options for finish, skirt size, and aluminum or brass burner rings.

Three different sizes offer outputs ranging from 8K BTU/hr to 20K BTU/hr (2.3kWh to 5.9kWh). BSI’s Halo burner is our latest high-end burner for professional series type cooking appliances. We offer several premium / specialty burners for various aesthetic and performance driven requirements. Contact us to discuss our capabilities to design and produce an exclusive custom burner system for your appliances.