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Burner Systems International’s cooking components are made with world-class design, manufacturing, and quality control processes. Our design engineers employ the latest technology in rapid prototyping and 3D software, continually creating unique and innovative burners. In fact, yesterday’s BSI innovations are today’s industry standards, a proven record that inspires confidence and trust.

In addition to individual components, BSI offers a complete Modular Assembly that includes valves, tubing, burner components and switches all assembled and tested to a gas manifold rail specifically designed to optimally function as a unit. Assembly of native BSI components into modular assemblies is a value-added service which delivers complete, fully tested products ready for final assembly into your appliance. OEM’s have reported that installation of complete BSI modular assemblies reduces component inventory, simplifies SKU management, optimizes valuable floor space, reduces direct labor, and improves takt times on the manufacturing line.