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About Us

Burner Systems International is a full-service global supplier of components and custom solutions for gas appliance manufacturers. We serve a broad spectrum of OEM’s with the most complete gas technologies available, including capabilities for engineering, testing, and manufacturing to support customer designs. We are committed to helping our clients meet their goals and to innovating whenever possible.

Our product development team consistently helps customers create better appliances from the very best core components. We have a culture that emphasizes trust, reliability, and value, and are fully committed to quality management principles, lean manufacturing and improving performance over the long term to satisfy all stakeholders. These core principles have led us to create products that are now industry standards.

Our strategically located facilities provide high quality, low-cost assemblies and system solutions on a competitive timeframe. We offer production volume flexibility, and can integrate with client EDI systems using advanced planning and scheduling tools. We will work with you on each step of the development process from design to manufacturing to quality control.